Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Romantic Netflix

Netflix has recommendations. But half the time they are odd. For instance, I don't think they [or their algorithms] know what is or what is not a romantic film.

Besides this screen grab here are a few titles they recommend as romantic films based on my taste:

That Obscure Object of Desire
Secret Things
Talk to Her
Emmanuel 7
La Jetee
The Piano Teacher


Ibetolis said...

That's some date. Imagine taking someone to the cinema based on those recommendations?

They would think you were some sort of sociopath.

Brilliant post.

Matt said...

Yeah, it would be a wild date. Netflix has all kinds of weird recommendations. If someone didn't know better they would be in for a surpise.

"Look Mom I got The Piano Teacher for you. It says it's a romantic drama!"

Allison said...

Hahaha.... yeah, it seems if it has "love" in the title, they automatically assume it's a romance. It seems that monkeys put those recommendations together.