Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Movies 2011

I watched more movies this year than in any year in the last ten. So, naturally, choosing ten is tough. But due to the fact that my top three were so easy I figured I would go ahead and name my top ten in order. But the next ten after that are in alphabetical order. It was another terrific year in film. [I think they all are]. Here are my favorites.

1. Poetry - devastating
2. A Separation - heartbreaking
3. Melancholia - exhilarating
4. A Dangerous Method - intellectual
5. Win Win - nuanced
6. The Princess of Montpensier - impressive
7. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall... - theological
8. Seena - dynamic
9. Le quattro volte - authentic
10. Sucker Punch - audacious

The next eleven.
The Descendents
Le Havre
Meek's Cutoff
Midnight in Paris
Source Code
Tree of Life

A few of others I liked:
Bill Cunningham: New York
The Conspirators
Martha Marcy Mae Marlene
Mysteries of Lisbon
Nostalgia For The Light
Of Gods and Men
Point Blank
Project Nim
Sarah's Key
Source Code
The Strange Case of Angelica
X-Men First Class
A bunch of movies I have yet to see from 2011...

Updated: 9/21/12


Stephen Russell-Gebbett said...


I am yet to see Poetry but the praise it has been given is making me want to. I hadn't heard of The Princess of Montpensier (though I had heard of Tavernier), so I'll try to catch up with it. Likewise Le Havre which I really like the look of - I quite enjoyed a few of Kaurismaki's other films.

My two films of the year are in your top ten: Sucker Punch and Melancholia.

I like the one word reviews here. Sometimes one word says a lot more than a few hundred.

Matt said...

Thanks Stephen. It's sometimes tough coming up with a top ten. I keep second guessing myself about # 4 thru 10. For instance, I think Senna would now move in there. But which titles would I move off the list? Agreed La Havre is good.

Glad too you appreciated Sucker Punch. I know people hate it but maybe they had expectations beyond what it was. And Melancholia divides critics too, which is one reason to recommend it. Who wants consensus?