Friday, March 18, 2011

Mom's favorites

My mother loved movies.
She grew up in San Francisco and was able to see many while she was growing up.
But she moved to a small town in Colorado in the 1960's and spent the remainder of her life there and was only able to see a few in the theater through the years. Once video came along she caught up with many of the classics she had missed as well as new ones that she grew to love.

Here is a list of a few she loved:
Beauty and The Beast [Cocteau] - A fairy tale for adults.
Brief Encounter - Purely romantic.
Bullitt - San Francisco in the sixties appealed to her.
Forbidden Games - One she remembered with fondness.
Four Wedding and A Funeral - Always made her laugh.
Gone With The Wind - She loved the book and felt the movie did it justice.
It Happened One Night - She loved Claudette Colbert.
The Red Shoes - One of the Powell Pressburger films she found magical.
Roman Holiday - After she had been to Rome this meant more to her.
La Ronde - Elegant and funny.
Room With a View - Romance in Italy.
La Strada - Funny and tragic.
Wages of Fear - French suspense film in South America.

My mom didn't watch much TV. In fact she really only watched Masterpiece Theatre.
Pride and Prejudice
Summer's Lease
Upstairs Downstairs

There are many more of course, which I may write about later. I am sorry I will no longer be able to share new and old movies with her. Bye mom and thanks for everything.

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