Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Certified response

Those expecting Certified Copy to be a 'Juliet Binoche' movie will be disappointed.

Those expecting Certified Copy to be an 'Abbas Kiarostami' movie will [most likely] not be disappointed.

The US trailer and the UK trailer make the movie seem to be a 'Juliet Binoche' movie. And what I mean by that is not a slap against Binoche - who has had roles in a good number of challenging and interesting [good] films. What I mean is the marketing by IFC, Artificial Eye and MK2 is reaching out to the mid-30's to mid-50's art house viewer [mostly women] who want to see a romantic film set in Northern Italy.

Yes, the film has an undeniably romantic setting. But it ends there. The film is actually an intellectual exercise with some raw emotions at the center of the story.

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