Thursday, May 05, 2016

DGA Best 80

This DGA list here is why I have mostly stopped reviewing movies. It's like no matter how many great old classics that me and my fellow bloggers blog about the information just falls into a black hole and we end up with a list of bland, predictable, standard 'classics'.

The news isn't only that one female director makes the list; the news is that when film directors are polled about what they consider the best films directed [worldwide] over the past 80 years they put films like BIRDMAN and AVATAR on the list.


Bunched Undies said...

You're right, what a predictable list. I don't think people in the movie biz actually go to movies unless it's part of some industry event complete with a buffet and open bar. The latter being a critical element. There aren't too many publicist parties for the latest Romanian existentialist drama. And those subtitles are hard to read!

Matt said...

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, the DGA is made up of insiders who don't much get 'outside' if you know what I mean.