Sunday, December 01, 2013

Current Movie Links

The real life Philomena.
“They really make me look like a silly billy, don’t you think?” she said. But Ms. Lee says she accepts the screenwriters’ efforts to inject some lightness into the film because, “otherwise, it is a very sad story.”
The Great Beauty follows a misanthrop.
"The underlying theme of the film is not so much the decadence of Rome and all that, it really has to do with this fact that people deep down, as horrible, bizarre and gross as they can be, deep down they all have a fragility. And people living that life are trying to find a way to distract themselves, with gossip, being frivolous, going to stupid parties and all that."
10 Remakes of Classics by Great Auteurs.

Barbara Stanwyck - no lady of leasure.
Stanwyck, even in her liveliest comic performances, never quite erased a palpable aftertaste of bitterness, and even in her most hard-boiled roles never lost the trace of painful vulnerability.
David Cronenberg - Evolution
Cronenberg is a filmmaker of ideas, one being the notion that human beings have merged with technology. His protagonists are often cyborgs as, in some sense, he is as well—not a commercial director with artistic aspirations so much as an avant-garde filmmaker who has contrived a commercial career, in part by remaining in Canada.

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