Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Turin Horse poem

Turin Horse

The wind won't stop blowing.
That noise goes right through you!

Dressing dad once more.
Wish he would stop leering at me.

Take a shot of plum brandy
to ease the boredom.

Sit by the window and watch
the leaves and dust blow in the storm.

Time to get some water from the well.
Hard to walk in this wind with two full pales.

We’re eating potatoes again,
No need for a fork though.
Hhhhhott! Hot! Hot!

These days are long and slow
Think I'll clean the horse barn... again.

Too bad the horse won’t eat,
He’s stubborn after dad beat him.

Here comes the nutty neighbor
with all his conspiracy theories.
Wish he would just take the brandy and leave.

Later, some gypsies come and unsettle us.
Crazy gypsies want to take me away.
They steal our water and give me a religious book.

More wind, more potatoes, more brandy,
but no more water!
We need to leave this place. Right now.

Time to go. Pack our trunks.
I pull the carriage, and the horse!

Wait... there is nothing for us over the hill.
Dumb idea. Let’s return to our stone hut

The wind won’t stop,
the horse won’t eat,
we have no water,
the fire won’t start.
It’s dark....

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