Saturday, December 25, 2010

Best movies 2010

As is often the case I get to the end of the year and have a tough time compiling a best movies list. Some movies have to sit with me for a while and, of course, I need to catch a good many that I missed throughout the year. This past year was no different and so I find it a bit easier and more entertaining to list the films in categories. The 28 films [!] are listed under each heading by preference. [If I haven't listed a movie that is making a lot of other lists it is probably because I have yet to see it].

What Dreams May Come
-The Social Network

Life is Harder Than Death
-Secret Sunshine

Where Art Thou
-The Art of The Steal
-Henri George Clouzot Inferno 
-Exit Through The Gift Shop
-Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

Psycho Trauma
-Black Swan
-Shutter Island

The Old New Wave
-Around A Small Mountain
-Inspector Bellamy

Whose Family is This Anyway?
-The Father of My Children
-The Kid's Are All Right

Formula Ones
-The King's Speech
-The Town

Escape is Impossible
-The Ghost Writer
-The Prophet

Terror Error

Picking Up The Pieces
-Soul Kitchen
-Winter's Bone

The West Was Guns
-The Good The Bad The Weird
-True Grit

Cuts You Up


Allison said...

I think I saw Vincere, Inspector Bellamy, and The Father of My Children with you! Pretty fun. & I just saw Exit Through the Gift Shop. Here in France it's called "Faites le Mur".

Matt said...

Yes, saw them with you. Let's see 'Take the Wall" or something like that? Interesting title.