Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Best films 2002 & 2003

Early in the 2000's the films were going strong.
The Fast Runner
Femme Fatale
I'm Going Home
Late Marriage
Read My Lips
Sex and Lucia
The Sleepy Time Gal
Spirited Away
Talk to Her
War Photographer
Y Tu Mama Tambien

Divine Intervention
The Fog of War
Lilya 4-Ever
Lost in Translation
The Man Without a Past
The Man on the Train
The Mother
Rivers & Tides
The Son
The Station Agent
Veronica Guerin


allison said...

I liked The Station Agent & Talk to Her from your lists. :)

Matt said...

Yes, those were good ones. Talk to Her might be Almodovar's best. I want to see your best film lists.

allison said...

Oh, I'm working on the best film lists. I went back to look at my top 10 lists from 2000-2009, but it might take me awhile to put it together.

I probably won't list them chronologically and I'll probably post one huge list! But I like the way you're posting your top favorites from two years each day.