Sunday, July 24, 2005

Kearsarge Pass Hike

I went for a long day hike Saturday up in the John Muir Wilderness on a trail that leads up to Kearsarge Pass. Along the 4-and-a-half mile trail are five lakes on the way up and two lakes on the other side of the pass. Below are a few photos.

Just a few minutes after the hike starts there is a beautiful waterfall/stream.
Stream on Kearsarge

After 40 minutes of hiking comes the second lake along the route which is Gilbert Lake.
Gilbert Lake

Past 10,000 feet Heart Lake appears around a steep switchback.

One of the pleasures of hiking in the summertime above 10,000 is the ability to find snow and make a snowball.
July Snowball

After an hour and 40 minutes of hiking and running I get to the pass.
Kearsarge Pass

Coming down the other side of the pass looking deep into the John Muir Wilderness I see some packers with horses.
Kearsarge Pass

Two hours of hiking yields this spectacular lake called Kearsarge Lake.
Kearsarge Lake 1

Just a couple minutes from Kearsarge Lake is this lake.
Kearsage Lake 2

I headed back to the car and along the way encountered sleet, mosquitos and a lot of people. I also notice this fine old tree.

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